Monday, August 21, 2006


I have worked on a few interactive video shows, one installation in particular was especially attuned to opening a public dialog about contemporary politics.

The piece, called, "360 Degrees of War," originally included a display of photography from Iraq, along with artifacts from American Soldiers that served, there was also a collaborative piece called, "The Bellum Bicinium" that I did with John Crowe, another Digital Media artist in the class. The Bicinium displayed images from the war on two screens that the audience viewed from in between. The receptions movement and volume, decided how quickly one of three videos played on each screen one displaying the brutal aspects of violence that were occurring, while the other displayed harmonious scenes of relief and aide.

There was also and accompanying documentary that I directed that played next door to the installation. Due to the positive public response, the documentary was replayed this year with a panel discussion about the status of Iraq taking place next door to the continuous screening.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006


"There is no more separation between executing the idea and the idea itself"-Marina Abramovic
The Orf project has already begun with the establishment of Mr. Packer's script and concept. The production team, aka, the "Producing the new Script" class, met with Mr. Packer via an I-Chat teleconference and a briefing by our University proctor, David Saltz.

Dr. Saltz distributed the script along with the instructions to consider more ideas for it, and how we might bring it to life. He also explained that the piece in question, "Orf's Baptism" is a part of a larger series called, "A Season in Hell," which is a multi-city collaboration between Mr. Packer and Charles Lane, the main performer.

There will also be a concurrent piece being displayed at the Athens Contemporary Art Museum, which is curated by Lizzie Zucker-Saltz. I had occasion to see the museum for the first time this weekend, for, "The Myspace Project," a media art collaboration by the artists Euni Figi and Josh Bienko.